About the NCBL

What a ride we had throughout this post season and now it has come down to the final two teams battling for the ultimate prize. Although teams change and players change one thing is the same and that is good coaching. You see as much as we praise players on their performances and heart we forget that without proper coaching and game planning most good teams wouldn't execute to their potential. You could have the best group of talent in the league or the best coaching in the league but without the proper discipline and focus to detail at the end of the day it doesn't matter disappointment would always set in. Last week we had 2 games in the Final 4 round and from the look of things some teams appeared to be more relaxed in their preparations than others. Although I went perfect in my predictions it wasn't because I though the other teams couldn't win but rather the mindset of each team coming into battle. You see having confidence is one thing that every team must have however, when facing an opponent that appears bigger than life than panic sets in and team play suffers. I observed all 4 teams last week and I must say although everyone appeared loose you could see on the faces of the coaching staff of some of the teams that uncertainty and doubt started to set in. We had the professors of White Plains clip the wings of the hawks of Fellowship defeating them by 22 points. We had the ballers of Bethany squeeze the life out of the rejuvenators of New Life defeating them by 21 points. Now the stage is set and to the victor goes all the spoils. But before I get into the championship pick let’s do our traditional send off to the teams that lost last week. So to the Christian Fellowship Hawks and the New Life Saints, sorry fellas but it just wasn't meant to be. You fought a good fight and battled hard but in the end you were beaten by a better team. Take pride and solace in the fact that you were two of the last four teams standing. Take time to reflect and blow off some steam because you are going fishing for Bass on the Jersey Shore. I rented one large boat to accommodate both teams fans, families and players, so bring some blankets and lots of bait because I hear the fish are biting. Well with that said let’s see what Milo thinks about the championship game which should be entertaining but ultimately it's a "Battle for Validation". Let’s go.

Bethany Ballers vs White Plains Professors
Battle in the east as divisional rivals’ battle for the ultimate goal and validate their season. This game will be one for the ages because both teams are primed and ready at the right time. Bethany played a complete game last week in defeating New Life by 21 and doing it with ease. White Plains on the other hand showed why they are one of the best ever in defeating the hawks of Fellowship by 22. Now the stage is set and both teams know what's at stake. You see last year Bethany reached the championship game only to lose to T&T in heart-breaking fashion. What is interesting about this team is they didn't settle for just being there they came back this year with a mission to complete what they started last year. I know coach Calvin Robinson and Jony Hyppolite have been working hard on keeping their troops focused on the big picture and now they could reap the benefits of their hard work. However like last year they are facing another tough hard nose team with lots of championship experience in the professors. Coach Felix and his staff man what can I say you continue to impress the league and myself with the consistent way your team go about their business. Even though you might not win the "chip" every year your team's character and play is one that is admired by the entire league and must be mentioned. Now it's one game left for all the marbles and a couple of interesting tidbits I have for the fans. Bethany battled White Plains back in March and lost by 5 points. Since that time Bethany has been on fire defeating Horeb, Sharon, Triumphant Tabernacle, and New Life by an average of 23 points per game. White Plains, on the other hand, after losing to the Bronx on the final game of the regular season also ending their perfect campaign has been beating teams in the playoffs by an average of 33 points per game. Also if you analyze both teams performance in the playoffs Bethany is averaging 94 points per game and White Plains is averaging 83.5 points per game. Remember Bethany played an extra game because White Plains had a bye the first round. What are the keys to victory for both teams. Bethany must out rebound their opponent, shoot well from the field, play solid interior defense, and minimize the turnovers. White Plains on the other hand must attack the paint, shoot well from the line, get bench contributions, and make stops. I expect to see lots of score changes because both teams are playing on a high level, however, I feel this year Bethany is looking to finally get over the hump and validate their season. Look for a close game because it will come down to who makes the last shot. My gut tells me to ride with the domination of White Plains but I will go outside the box this time and say Bethany will ball and finally get the illusive ring that their fans, church, and followers have been waiting for since last year trip. Bethany wins this match up by 2 points in the closing minutes and finally validated their status as one of the best.

Well that's all for Milo's championship pick. Players come out and give the fans a show, fans come out and support your teams, and lets fellowship together. Look out for my post championship write up to congratulate the winner this year and send the last team fishing. It has truly been a blast doing the write ups' for the league and I'm privileged to be a part of this wonderful organization. Basketball like many other sports can be used to bring folks together and share in friendly competition. Remember however, that the real battle is being fought daily between the forces of good and the forces of evil. We as children of God have to be prepared for any and everything because we only have one shot at eternal life. Don't be a fool and play with your salvation because like so many folks once you condone sin you are actually furthering yourself from God. Don't play with life as if it a game do it in sports but give God your heart and life because the quality of life he promises is far better than any riches or accolades we receive in this life. Material things in this life will pass away but the heart of Christ will stand the test of time. Until next time this is Milo signing out. God Bless and enjoy the championship game.