About the NCBL

Well it has come down to this last week of games in the regular season and man what a ride we had. Last week although I went 5 - 1 in my picks I must say this playoffs would be intense to say the least. You see you have as much as 5 teams in my determination that could win the championship. We had the sharp shooters of Ebenezer beat the Community Worship Center stars by 7; NJ Juggernauts was too much for the Rogers Ave Warriors beating them by 10; T&T exploded and rolled over River of Life sustainers by 33; New Life found the Midas touch blowing the lid off of the Sharon Shockers and thus taking home the division crown; Corona cruised by the Fellowship Hawks by 10; and in the game of the week Bethany balled all night and destroyed the Horeb Hustlers out hustling them by 24. With one game remaining before the dance we have such an exciting match up that I can't wait for Saturday. The undefeated White Plains Professors against the Bronx Hawks in Milo's final regular season game of the year. Who will come to play or who would grab hold of the opportunity only time will tell but lets see what Milo thinks about this week's game which would stamp the professors as the team to beat or expose them as pretenders. Let's go.

White Plains Professors vs Bronx Hawks Express
Battle in the east as the professors of White Plains look to solidify their season and send the hawks of Bronx from running express in Milo's final "Game of the week". What can I say about these two teams that you don;t already know. White Plains had been on top their division from day one and so far they have held it down. Felix and his staff has to be commended because after last year bitter taste in their mouths they have responded and is on the verge of another perfect regular season. These two teams are very familiar with each other and they also squared off in the championship game a few years back. Now the stage is set and to the victor goes the spoils. Bronx want to send a message to White Plains and hopefully pull off the win. What are the keys to victory for both teams. White Plains must play solid defense, shoot well from the field, minimize the turnovers, and get bench contributions. Bronx on the other hand must play their style and attack the paint, shoot well from the field, out rebound their opponent, and minimize the turnovers. I expect to see a pack gym with lots of noise. Both teams will be prepared for battle and there will be lots of score changes. What will be interesting this game is which team falls behind early and what adjustment the other team would implement to counter. I know White Plains already rapped up the division and is on cruise control but if I know Felix one thing is certain he would not let up especially in this rivalry. The game would be close throughout but in the end. I feel White Plains wants another perfect season in their resume and for that reason I'm picking them to win this match up by 4 points as they prove to the league that they are and still is the best of the rest.

Well that's all for Milo's week 12 picks. Players come out and give the fans a show, fans come out and support your teams and lets fellowship together. Remember to pray each day and count your blessings because we are living in the last days and the devil knows it. He would try his best to keep us distracted with politics, social media, daily struggles just to keep us from the truth. Keep God first and last in every decision we make because without His guidance we would not be able to achieve our full potential. We are soldiers in his army and if we come prepared for battle with the armor of Christ then the devil can't penetrate to cause us harm. Pray for those struggling with life issues and pray that Christ would continue to bless and keep us in these trying times. Until next time this is Milo signing out. God bless.