About the NCBL

On Saturday, April 20, the NCBL Senior Division playoffs will begin.    Twelve teams advanced and will begin the journey to the 2013 NCBL Senior Division Championship.  The teams for the West are:  Shiloh (1); Flatbush (2); New Dimension (3); Bethel (4); Cornerstone (5); Horeb (6).  The teams for the East are: Bronx (1); Queensboro (2); First White Plains (3); Bethany (4); Ephesus (5); Mount Sinai (6).  Shiloh, Flatbush, Bronx and Queensboro all get a bye for the first round of the playoffs.  The West games will be held at East New York Transit Tech.  First game, 7:45PM, Bethel vs. Cornerstone.  Second game, 9:15PM, New Dimension vs. Horeb.  The East games will be held at Kennedy Center.  First game, 8:15pm, First White Plains vs. Mount Sinai.  Second game, 9:45PM, Bethany vs. Ephesus.