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Milo's 2014 Final Four Picks

Well the stage is set for the last four teams remaining. With all the drama and talk teams that are mentally tough and perform on a high level reap the success and move on. Teams that defer during pressure times always tend to suffer and lose. Last week we had some exciting games with lots of drama but in the end the better teams won and now the stage is set for a clash. If you look at the last 4

Milo's 2014 Elite 8 Picks

Well folks what a start to the playoff season. All the top seeds that played las

Milo's First Round Playoff Picks

Well, well, well . . Let the games begin. What a season we had and teams fought

Milo's 2014 Week 11 Picks

Well we have finally come to the last weekend of the regular season and playoffs

Milo's 2014 Week 10 Picks

Wow what an exciting week of games. Although I went 5-2 in my picks I must admit

Quick Stats

  • Coming Games
  • Game Scores
  • W/L
  • W/L
Next Game Date & Time
New Dimension @ Sat, April 26th 7:45 PM
White Plains @ Sat, April 26th 9:30 PM
Games Score
New Dimension 110
Queensboro Prophets 66
White Plains 93
Linden Hornets 85
Flatbush 77
Cornerstone 67
Bethany 67
Bronx 79
Ebenezer 61
Bethany 82
Horeb 82
New Dimension 91
East W L
Linden Hornets 6 2
Bethany 6 2
Ebenezer 4 4
New Jerusalem 0 8
Northeast W L
Bronx 7 1
White Plains 6 2
Mt. Sinai Tigers 2 6
Mount Vernon 0 8
Southwest W L
Queensboro Prophets 7 1
Horeb 5 3
Flatbush 5 3
Christian Fellowship 0 8
West W L
Cornerstone 7 1
New Dimension 5 3
Hebron 3 5
Corona 1 7

Latest Guestbook Entries

I know last years epic run by team new dime deserves to continue but only God knows how this season is gonna play out. i am gonna miss a few games but the ones i will mark on my calender are as follows flatbush,horeb qboro shilo and of course whiteplains who says lightening dont strike the same plac...
Sunday, 27 October 2013 08:55
I would like the commish to help me out here, ASAP please. Will the championship game be held on the 11th? Because i know thats the same day as Oakwoods graduation.
Tuesday, 30 April 2013 01:50
What's up NCBL finally games that matter . What a season and for those teams that are in the mix good luck and come prepared. I have to say the field is wide open and I have a couple of teams that I think would be in the finals. We have WP, Flatbush, Shiloh, New Dime, QB, Bronx, and Beth...
Thursday, 18 April 2013 15:19



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